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Certified Teacher Trainings in Nosara, Costa Rica

become a Certified Yoga Teacher with Yogacharini Sasha Dae

~ 216 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training : Yogic Therapeutics

Study ancient techniques, focus on yoga therapy and the five levels of healing
covering foundations of Arkaya, Restorative, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Laughter, Nada, Nidra, Yoga Swing, Applied Psycho Neurobiology + more!

This 25 day training program is excellent for those new to yoga, established practitioners, teachers or therapists who would like to deepen their practice, education and awareness. Transform old patterning and open into a lighter state of being, acquire the tools to teach anyone, anywhere, at any level of ability. Deepen your understanding of health, the five bodies and levels of healing.

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Course Dates
2013 October
2014 May + October
2015 May + October
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~ 50 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training : Heal Autonomic Dysfunction

The autonomic nervous system communicates with every cell in the human body, it is the control system that monitors unconscious bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, blood supply, lymphatic functions, circulation, body temperature, cellular respiration, intestinal motility, metabolism, muscle tonus and many other activities. It is the most fundamental system in our body. This incredible system is constantly awake giving feedback and responding to the central nervous system.

This 6 day training program is an excellent choice to help you understand how the autonomic nervous system has been chronically overtaxed in most humans due to excessively stressful lifestyles. The system is constantly bombarded by negative influences such as a toxic environment, noise, pollution, allergens, electromagnetic radiation, infectious agents, nutritional deficiencies and a general lack of peace.  Restorative yoga heals autonomic dysfunction.

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Course Dates
2014 June + July
2015 June + July
2016 June + July
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~ 40 Hour Zen Zwing { Yoga Swing } Teacher Training : Fully Supported Inversion Spinal Therapy

During this 6 day training program we will be focusing on the modality of Yoga Asanas and how they adapt into the Zwing. We will cover a multitude of positions and particular exercises, strength training, decompression, relaxation and the benefits for correct alignment of the spine.

You will achieve a well rounded understanding of the Zwing capability and become confident in offering different levels of classes and integration to your practice. Most importantly you will understand the healing benefits of inversions, osteopathic alignment, swing movement, hammock and suspension relaxation, plus we will have a lot of fun!

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Course Dates
2014 August + September
2015 August + September
2016 August + September
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